Some offices bring in doughnuts to share, some chocolate, others left overs for a party.
Our team gets super excited when, once a week, someone brings in a bag of The Wholesome Food Company 'Roasted Jalapeno Protein Chips' - which everyone eats within the first 5 minutes.

Hello! Today I purchased a bag of your lentil chips! Easily the best tasting thing I’ve ever tried. I shared it around at work and every single person who tried it went bananas! I'd love to thank you for making my snack life just that little bit better.

I would just like to thank you for creating these delicious chips. I am always looking for a healthy snack, and I'm looking forward to trying some of your other chip varieties.

We love your products! My 4 year old son is addicted to your lentil chips (I think I'll need to bulk buy). As a working single mum, products like these are big help, especially organic and non-GMO snacks. Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to say i love your chips to the moon and back! they’re the healthiest and most genuine brand of chips i’ve managed to find and don’t break out my skin! i just wanted to say a big thank you and if you never stop making chips i’ll never stop buying them!!

You guys makes the most delicious chips in the entire universe and I’m telling you I’ve eaten a lot of chips in my time. I’ve travelled far and wide and I am yet to find a more perfect, delicious chip. If I open a packet there is zero chance that there will ever be anything but a crumb left. Keep up the amazing chippery, stay chipper and thank you.



Wow your crisp flavours are amazing! Thank you once again for giving me back my crisps; I’m English and have missed proper crisps for so long now here in Australia.(LYNN S.) 

We love your crisps for their very minimal ingredients and no nasties!! My daughters (who are on strict health diets) are only allowed your crisps. (GRACIE L.)

Today we discovered something different. Crisps that are crisp and tasty and cannot be left in the bag once opened because they are so refreshing that you have to eat the whole bag all at once. We picked these up at a local shop,  and we will be back tomorrow to stock up. We are converted crisp eaters!(ED H.)

The most delicious crisps I've ever had... Why have I never discovered you until now is beyond me. Ate and munched my way through the whole bag. I've found my brand! THE BRAND! Yum! I am now going to suggest you do a multi pack of every flavour so the world can benefit.(CHRISTOPHER B.)

I like the lightly sea salted crisps a lot, they are so good! i used to eat the other crisp brands but they were too salty, your crisps are just right. Keep up the good work!(ALICE R.)

I would just like to say how much I enjoy your crisps. They have a substantial texture unlike any other and terrific, unique flavours. As a sheep farmer in central NSW, things like this are a treat that I only enjoy occasionally but rest assured, the choice is Tyrrells. Thank you for supporting Australian potato farmers.(JOHN)

Just thought that I would send you a quick note to let you know how much I love your crisps. I love the fact that they are not over salted and thank goodness you also call them crisps – coming from the UK I had fallen in to the habit of calling crisps chips so that everyone understood what I was talking about however I am going back to calling your products crisps.  I have not bought any other brand since discovering yours – keep up the good work – I just love them.(MOIRA)

I wish to applaud you on the release of your latest flavour - Smoky Texas BBQ. After tasting and subsequently craving similarly flavoured crisps both in the UK and Canada, I’ve felt for some years there has been void in the Australian market which needed to be filled . You have certainly succeeded and I’ve already bought two cartons! Keep up the good work. (NIKOLAI)



They taste so good; gluten free, so many flavours, and just one word - YUM! Whenever I see Thomas Chipman at my local store I always stock up just in case they run out! Great job guys, keep making them and I'll keep buying them! From a devoted chip fan.

First time tried their chips, I instantly fell in love with this blend. That's very good on them to keep the seasoning simple and free from those artificial substances. I also love how their products only contain the bare minimum of Sodium, not like other mainstream brands which are always full of salt and seasoning.

Truly the best potato chips known to mankind in the history or future of delicious, crunchy snacks.

The BEST, most awesome organic chips, EVER... & they're ALL Australian! How does it get any better!?

My son has a serious auto immune disease which sees him being mostly tube fed but he has some allowances for specific foods, one being sweet potato. he tried a few different brands but fell in love with Thomas Chipman sweet potato chips. this is one product that is a safer food option for those who have to read labels - the simpler the better. you just never know who gets to eat your product.